Monday, July 14, 2008

Can we ever get that far....??

Friday, July 4, 2008

Since few days my thoughts are blank.... there is nothing much going on in my head and I guess this is the situation that they refer as some kinda mental breakdown. Mind is just wandering stopping on everything but on nothing substantial. Its kind of a nice experience when you see that there is nothing that is holding on to you.. you are just moving and going along... I guess it should feel the same when you are skyrocketing. You are just floating and you no longer have control over your moments and by all means is controlled by various External forces.

The trees outside are swaying ... the July wind has taken control over them. The outside weather is a mixture of May sun and the July clouds, giving away a balanced chill all around.

All around me are busy working and their fingers are moving automatically,typing out the lines they are so much used to, as responses. Their posture is straight at the back and the arms on rest. Eyes are rolling with confusion, tiredness and rarely understanding. The only person moving around is the assistant in her green uniform Saree, serving cups of coffee & tea. People are so groomed into their work and even silence seems to be silent.