Thursday, November 27, 2008

Its Thanksgiving and am Celebrating!

A lot of events have made today another great day in my life and so I thought its worth blogging about it..

1. Though it was raining and too cold in morning, I still had to wake up early in the morning and get out to give a surprise b'day for one our friends and so we all got together at one point, went to his home and woke him up with all Happy Birthday shouts. The morning diet started with 2 huge pieces of chocolate pastry and the sandwiches, another friend had got, filled our stomach and kept us patient till noon. Surprises always brings in an adrenaline rush in me whenever am one among the parties to it - Giver or Receiver!

2. I got a comment on my blog from PS and then my day, today, was completely made. So now, I can boast among all my friends that even a famous Author is one among the readers of My Blog.. (hahaha)

3. With all the excitement, suddenly I remembered that the other part of our world is celebrating Thanksgiving and since most of us are part of the global economy today, I suddenly got this great idea of celebrating it myself and what better way to celebrate it than to show my gratitude through yet another blog.. (sorry guys :D ... dont curse me for this)

(gratitude rocks)

First of all, THANKS to Marina! (flower) who introduced me to blogging. I have had a nice time writing, reading and browsing through some beautiful things....

Secondly, THANKS to Latesha! (l'tle smaller flower since she wouldn't be able to hold a huge one) for listening to me, my logic and my thoughts all the time.. I really dont know what I would do once you leave this place.. :D

Thirdly, THANKS to Paru, Lakshmi and Nisha (flower) Without you ppl, memories about this part of my life would have been a little frustrating. But now, I have enough things in store to remember and laugh at - Paru and all her chu's, Lakshmi (just remember the name and a flood of memories would follow) and ofcourse Nisha and CD's :-)

Fourth, THANKS to Anand and Rames (flower) With all the house parties that we have had together I would no longer be an embarassement when I go Pubbing in future and more importantly, I'll be able to relate and pitch in during those talks about branded drinks/mix.

Fifth, THANKS to all of them - my close friends, parents, Mon and Rajesh (huge bouquet of flowers) for being there for me, for listening to all the stupid things I had to tell, for agreeing with me in the end, always, for loving me and for taking care of me. THANK YOU!

The list surely doesn't end here.. there are some more people for whom I am thankful at heart, in private ;-) (hehehe) THANK YOU!!!

4. Now, this part is not about about happiness or fun. The terrorist attack that happened last evening in Mumbai claimed more than 100 lives and some of them were efficient Police personnels. The news channels are flooded with remarks from the World Leaders, their views on situation, cause, impact and preventive actions. I am not quite sure how many of those would be actually implemented, on the preventive side.

Its kind of daunting to think that right now, in one part of the country there's tear filled eyes and scared faces glancing through windows and in another part am gleefully blogging. May be its just more easier this way, to face sorrow and fear when it actually comes to you. Sitting here, the only thing I can do is to pray for all the families, who have lost a part of them. That they should very soon be able to gain the momentum back in their lives.

5. Finally, THANKS to the Creator and Saviour (a garden of flowers), for am still alive and existing, to face another day in life, whether good or bad.. but atleast I can continue to Experience!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

They somehow manage it - forever!

"Flowers are love's truest language"

- the inspiration quote that appeared on my blog today!

One practice, among those very few rituals that we can associate back to the Stone Age Culture of Man – To give away Flowers for expressing deep Love, Affection, Care and Concern. Thinking about it, I don’t suppose any other gift would mount upto this one thing. Though these flowers might stay only for a day or two, it somehow manages to leave the fragrance in the hearts, forever. The memories on this last longer, holding even the most fragile relationships strongly enough, together.

The day I received a bunch of red roses from my husband is among the most beautiful memories of my life and I guess this one would last longer than all the other precious moments that we have had together. Practically there might be no way to analyse the added heart beat this one gift would cause in everyone, but may be that’s what Love is all about. Something beyond all comprehension and explanations!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pat on the back - From Me - To ME :-)

Nothing much eventful happened, but still the last week didn't slow down even a bit. Planning for B'day celebration of a colleague took out 2 days of the week and leaving Monday (still in weekend blues) Friday (that would be weekend giggles up again) and the Weekend, there was just another single day for the work week which was obviously a busy day, for a change. :-)

The daily morning walk is keeping me in high spirits all through, though am not quite sure how long I'll stick on to the routine. :D

And another thing adding to my peace is that I am done with some of those main things in my To-Do list (this's been existing years since) Quite surprising for the people who know me as an expert in pushing it all ... But yes, this time, am done with all the major things in the list!! The coffee break sessions were great inspiration as there were these comments coming up every now and then, "shoo.. we are already approaching December ... (sigh!) what did we do in this year.. 2008 is almost over?"

As the year end is approaching, am finally spared of all the regrets of wasting another year. Thanks to the dermatologist, jewellers and the dentist, I certainly deserve a pat on the back for my achievements in year 2008!

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To When You Have Vision, Determination And An Endless Supply of Expendable Labor

Just hoping that the motivation continues for some more time! :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Peace within

I am wondering how to start this rather serious topic, but ofcourse my writing skills are so limited and hence may be I just have to keep it simple and go straight to what I want to put in. Actually, not quite sure how many of us sit back and think the reason for most of our actions, words and thoughts ( am putting it in the reverse order here!) And one thing that pains my heart is when I see people with insecurity. Its not that I am exempted from this feeling, but most of the times, one dip and 'll be fortunate enough to detect them deep inside the heart. But it surely pains me to see that person out there, who is so wonderful, who is gifted with all wonderful things, but still none of that is of use to them as they are filled with insecurity. To such an extent that anyone who looks up can easily describe them in 2 words - insecurity personified. It looks like the absence of content is not just enough and the worst is when they crave for attention and love outside and end up being looked at with contempt.

Seeing them sometimes I regret for the day today. Ofcourse, I cannot go back to those old days when helping these disturbed souls was a mission in life. But still want to do something to help them out there.. so that by the end of it, the path would take a turn and shows me, myself, the way! Here I have just one wish - let Love fill itself in all the wounded hearts and let Joy be the only known emotion. Let all pain and sorrow turn into learning, knowledge and finally into great Peace!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photos = Memories = Remembering them all

Global recession is the hot topic nowadays though I cannot hold it as reason for my jobless situation. So i try to spend ample time looking at the daily news and updating myself about the inflation rates and the pink slip status.

Hmm.. thinking about it, I dont remember what prompted me to log into snapfish.. but there I was .. looking at all the old photos and reliving all the past moments. Spent some time uploading few photos (ofcourse, the ones in which I look good) in the social network site so that all my friends out there would know what is going through my mind right now. And right now.. I am missing all those days.. the days that went off ... I wish only if I could live them all once again.. but I know we cannot.. and that's how it is, may be - to long for another look on all that passed by in the journey!

"She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh these visits..

Ask me about species that I just cannot stand and they are those crawling beings - slugs and snails.. But with the kind of rain that's pouring down here and with all the greenery around, its kinda normal to find all these beasts (yeah.. they are!!) around.

All tired when we reached back hostel last evening, there it was , waiting for us behind the door... eech.. !!! And what more.. when I typed out the word in google, there came a lot of sites describing the experiences of people who go on slug hunting every morning.. Sorry but I am not one of those types and no plans also.. So let me keep away from this group.

Thought of adding a picture of the our new visitor, but then remembering the agony of looking at it every time I open the site I took a step back.. so friends.. all those who are keen to see the one who trespassed our gates can take a look at it over here.

As for me, am just waiting for these rains to stop and the sun to glow all bright and gay so that these beasts would dig themselves deep, very deep down into the earth, and wouldn't pop up to disturb us.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okie.. I did that.. so what?

From morning I have been browsing through the various sites of Preeti Shenoy and on an impulse (yes... I have to admit that) I logged into ebay and bought her book paying almost 50% shipping charges to the cost of the book. When I looked at the total cost of Rs. 145/- it was not a great deal but now that my colleague pointed out the shipping costs against the actual price of the book, yes i have to admit that it was an impulsive buying.

But coming to think of it, everything about me, all actions, had always been on an impulse thought and with no doubt I do take pride in all of them. Anyways, right now, I am just waiting to get this book in my hands, with the only hope that once read I would no further regret for the monetary loss.


I got the book delivered and also finished reading it, in one sitting. A collection of beautiful memories, greatly written and that's the only comment I can pass for this book. Many of the incidents reminded me of my own olden days (obviously not same situations, but certain thoughts and feelings always got connected) She has certainly succeeded in conveying great things in a simple, short and sweet way through all those incidents. A great book, one which makes you feel good and relaxed after reading, one that lets you recollect all those wierd and beautiful things that's happened in your life and gets you to laugh.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Forget Me Never - A day to celebrate this!

10th November - Forget Me Not Day!
A special edition of cards are available in all the Free Greeting websites for this and there is no exaggeration in it if I also felt like sending some to my age old friends. Its been so long and if not for those "Good morning" and "Have a Nice Day" forwards, I would have thought that we all are now existing individually in the various planets, with no connection between any of them.

Its known fact that when it comes from me, things are little bit overdone and some of my friends are such that they wonder how I can be so silly to find out and celebrate all these special days. But ask me and I would tell this is the only time when you actually take a break from your boring days to look at all the interesting things that have passed by, the day to feel greatful for all those moments with the close ones, the day to ensure and reassure that the coming days are going to be all the more wonderful.... Is that a little too much of a fantasy? I wouldn't think so.... :D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

After marriage the honeymoon period dies soon

Published on Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 16:20, Updated on Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 16:29 in Lifestyle section

Post marriage the period of honeymoon ends within a few years, and marriage turns out to be a pale and uninteresting affair.

Researchers have found that the honeymoon period is officially over two years, six months and 25 days only after a couple ties the knot -- in fact, this is the point where both partners take each other, and their relationship, for granted.

And, by the third marriage anniversary, most couples don't even bother to continue celebrating the date they tied the knot, it found.

The researchers have based their findings on a poll of 5,000 couples who had been married for over a decade. It revealed that more than half of the couples felt undervalued two years into wedlock.

Seven in 10 men admitted they're so comfortable with their spouse they often scattered socks and pants around the house and left the toilet seat up, the British media reported.

On the other hand, two thirds of the women polled said they no longer made the effort to dress up and look nice for their husbands, while 54 per cent no longer bothered wearing make-up.
During the first few months of marriage, 83 per cent of couples often held hands while out, compared with just 38 per cent after a decade.

Partners would cuddle more than eight times a day before the first wedding anniversary -- compared with five or fewer after 10 years. And 60 per cent of those surveyed said they hadn't been surprised with a romantic night out since getting hitched.

The infamous battle for control of the TV was another sticking point, with 75 per cent of men and women saying they wouldn't relinquish the remote control to their other half, even if they asked nicely.

"It would appear that many are stuck in a rut, and whilst they still love their other half they're a little too comfortable in each other's company. Couples need to find a good balance between feeling comfortable and taking each other for granted.

"The odd romantic meal would probably be all many couples need to spice things up a bit -- and small gestures such as tidying up, and helping out with the housework would go a long way," John Sewell, a spokesman for research firm '', was quoted as saying.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I hope it remains Simple

Never knew how days passed by so quickly. Almost a month and a half over since I started travelling up and down on weekends. Now its time to fall back into the normal routine of waking up in the hostel room without having anything to look forward to do during the weekends. Just hoping full heart that the time continue to fly in the same speed, so that the day would come soon when I can also give the leave notice at the hostel reception.

If I do a recap of the whole visit inside my mind, it was a mixture of almost all known emotions - excitement, anticipation, surprise, resentment, anger, tension, fear, peace, war and love... (hehehe) Certain bonding which were expected to have been completely split off were joined back in full force. Certain surprises meant that the much awaited changes in behaviour is actually being implemented. Certain feelings opened the doors to new emotions and understanding. I just wish that life flows just as smoothly as it is now, forever. A little tide up and low, now and then, but nothing major enough to leave an impact forever

Life.. my dear "Life".. please do remain Simple... just as You are Now.. it helps me.. :-)