Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Leaving my own God owned Kerala and that means leaving behind all the freedom - of roaming around through the wilderness of university campus, all alone; of crossing roads at my convenience, of getting on a shopping spree, eating spree and what not...

As if all this is not enough am currently jobless after a long long time and if you still dint get what I mean, its just that am no more financially independent  :P  :O 

All these issues have anyways taken away the little humor left in me ( okie i know I don't have that, but still the pinch is also gone now :) )
And then.....

The most humourous incident happened. My flight to Dubai got canceled!!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

.... A sparkle....

Listening to the whisper of night, I lay awake
Letting my thoughts ramble, I lay unaware
The way a fragile leaf fall, unable to hold on, anymore

A Memoir, in from the past
Gauging each with the present
Turning them around in the depths of mind
Analyzing the reasons for change,

I drifted along, with locked smile and a closed fist


A gush of thoughts and the words drooled out
Like water I surge, with boundaries, no more

Fears despised, I delve in tomorrow

From the joy of past and solace of present
Has evolved a sparkle, in to Eternity!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

(its not a debate forum)

"lol.... I pity you for the kind of girl in your life" That's the statement I feel like throwing at when some Guys talk about their perception on Girls. They talk it with so much of conviction that at times, I really pity them. They deny accepting that most women of today share an equal or rather a greater share in family responsibilities.

It’s a real pain when I see some of them applying the universal rules for girls. Yes, I do accept that a few of them does match the qualities that’s mentioned in the e-mail forwards. But that cannot be universally applied. Every person is different and so is ever girl. Why is it that the guys are not able to broaden their outlook?

• “Girls go round about while shopping”
The email forwards on this must be the ones that have highest rank. But I can tell that in my lifetime of 29 years, I have come across just one girl of that type. Usually most of us DO KNOW what we want to buy and what we are looking for.

• “Girls don’t need to worry about finance”
That’s the most absurd statement I have heard and that too in view of the current times. For your information in most of the households, of the present and the past, it is the women of the house that help men to plan and save for future. It’s their continuous support that motivates a man and brings in meaning to his otherwise unruly life.

• “Girls take sooooo much time to deck up”
Oh yeah!!! As if the Guy would ever approve if the Girl walks in an old pair of jean and t-shirt. If you want your Girl to look the way you want her to, then obviously she’s need more time than you take to wear a shirt & pant

If a guy is looking down at any girl without taking the time to look at her actual self, then I guess the sole reason would be that the girl in his life is the same as he describes any other to be.

(I know this is one rude post :P But couldnt help it)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stickie - Quickie

Heard of  Quickies???

(lol not that one :D)

Its about Intelligent Post-Its. Check the site to know more about this development made by a MIT Grad.
Check out more of his projects here

Time on Tiptoe

Resigning from a job can turn out to be little sensitive and many a times it doesn’t seem to retain the vivacity of the initial days. As days near, its natural for fear to creep in; for one, you are leaving the comfort zone for the unknown. And then again there is that moment where you have to pass on the crown of glory, to the successor.

Did you hear that sound?
Can you feel the tremor?
It’s the Time on tiptoe

The sky is dark outside
You close your eyes to sleep
A peek again and lo!

The sky is bright;
Everything light and clear
It’s the Time on tiptoe

You were running in the pasture
And you bent to pick up the bloom
You rise and lo;
The warmth of green has vanished
Leaving a structure in stone

The bloom you held has fallen
Urging you to look for more

It’s the Time on tiptoe

The Pole is your Man

Few days back I watched a movie about Pole dancing and so when a friend of mine came back from Goa and described her experience in a Pub there, I was suddenly fascinated with this art form.

If we set aside the nudity and the sex appeal associated with this, Pole dancing is all about a great deal of Dancing and Sensuality. With the recent significance given to health and diet, Pole dancing has become a widely accepted medium of exercise involving aerobics and gymnasium. The standard dance pole is Steel or Brass section that can be comfortably gripped with one hand. The movements in Pole Dancing help improve the Upper Body strength and the proficiency does take time to develop. It helps burn calories, Tone your abs and legs, define your arms and shoulders, make your body more flexible and moreover Teaches you to Dance which can be an enjoyable pastime and relaxing.

My Unfulfilled Wishlist for year 2009 includes (2008 was pretty successful)
Nose piercing, getting a Tattoo done and learning Dance