Monday, July 18, 2011

Update on last update

My last personal post was titled “Everything new but old Us” and I had mentioned how life has taken a new turn. Today, after almost a year and half, there’s an update to the last update (?!) – the another reason for my long absence and return

An Open Book - Hasan Elahi

Having been away for more than a year from blogging and that's quite a reason for this post, I guess. Still have blogging blocks!! :P And again, taking a lote more time to get used to the new layout in blogger!

Anyways, came across an article in my google reader subscriptions and thought it would be a great information to share with you (those who are still interested in checking on my blog, even after such a long gap)

"Hasan Elahi was targeted for screening by the FBI after a case of mistaken identity. So he decided to open his life completely. “There’s 46,000 images on my site now. I trust the FBI has seen all of them"

A US based Bangladeshi who mistakenly got into FBI list of suspects. And as for his part, he started posting pictures of his every move, location and transaction in his website, inorder to avoid getting arrested again. Sources mention that he has more than 20,000 images in his website
But again, more interesting are the images of this artist who has had his share of art exhibitions; even at Kassel Kulturbahnhof & Venice Biennale. Check out