Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Leaving my own God owned Kerala and that means leaving behind all the freedom - of roaming around through the wilderness of university campus, all alone; of crossing roads at my convenience, of getting on a shopping spree, eating spree and what not...

As if all this is not enough am currently jobless after a long long time and if you still dint get what I mean, its just that am no more financially independent  :P  :O 

All these issues have anyways taken away the little humor left in me ( okie i know I don't have that, but still the pinch is also gone now :) )
And then.....

The most humourous incident happened. My flight to Dubai got canceled!!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

.... A sparkle....

Listening to the whisper of night, I lay awake
Letting my thoughts ramble, I lay unaware
The way a fragile leaf fall, unable to hold on, anymore

A Memoir, in from the past
Gauging each with the present
Turning them around in the depths of mind
Analyzing the reasons for change,

I drifted along, with locked smile and a closed fist


A gush of thoughts and the words drooled out
Like water I surge, with boundaries, no more

Fears despised, I delve in tomorrow

From the joy of past and solace of present
Has evolved a sparkle, in to Eternity!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

(its not a debate forum)

"lol.... I pity you for the kind of girl in your life" That's the statement I feel like throwing at when some Guys talk about their perception on Girls. They talk it with so much of conviction that at times, I really pity them. They deny accepting that most women of today share an equal or rather a greater share in family responsibilities.

It’s a real pain when I see some of them applying the universal rules for girls. Yes, I do accept that a few of them does match the qualities that’s mentioned in the e-mail forwards. But that cannot be universally applied. Every person is different and so is ever girl. Why is it that the guys are not able to broaden their outlook?

• “Girls go round about while shopping”
The email forwards on this must be the ones that have highest rank. But I can tell that in my lifetime of 29 years, I have come across just one girl of that type. Usually most of us DO KNOW what we want to buy and what we are looking for.

• “Girls don’t need to worry about finance”
That’s the most absurd statement I have heard and that too in view of the current times. For your information in most of the households, of the present and the past, it is the women of the house that help men to plan and save for future. It’s their continuous support that motivates a man and brings in meaning to his otherwise unruly life.

• “Girls take sooooo much time to deck up”
Oh yeah!!! As if the Guy would ever approve if the Girl walks in an old pair of jean and t-shirt. If you want your Girl to look the way you want her to, then obviously she’s need more time than you take to wear a shirt & pant

If a guy is looking down at any girl without taking the time to look at her actual self, then I guess the sole reason would be that the girl in his life is the same as he describes any other to be.

(I know this is one rude post :P But couldnt help it)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stickie - Quickie

Heard of  Quickies???

(lol not that one :D)

Its about Intelligent Post-Its. Check the site to know more about this development made by a MIT Grad.
Check out more of his projects here

Time on Tiptoe

Resigning from a job can turn out to be little sensitive and many a times it doesn’t seem to retain the vivacity of the initial days. As days near, its natural for fear to creep in; for one, you are leaving the comfort zone for the unknown. And then again there is that moment where you have to pass on the crown of glory, to the successor.

Did you hear that sound?
Can you feel the tremor?
It’s the Time on tiptoe

The sky is dark outside
You close your eyes to sleep
A peek again and lo!

The sky is bright;
Everything light and clear
It’s the Time on tiptoe

You were running in the pasture
And you bent to pick up the bloom
You rise and lo;
The warmth of green has vanished
Leaving a structure in stone

The bloom you held has fallen
Urging you to look for more

It’s the Time on tiptoe

The Pole is your Man

Few days back I watched a movie about Pole dancing and so when a friend of mine came back from Goa and described her experience in a Pub there, I was suddenly fascinated with this art form.

If we set aside the nudity and the sex appeal associated with this, Pole dancing is all about a great deal of Dancing and Sensuality. With the recent significance given to health and diet, Pole dancing has become a widely accepted medium of exercise involving aerobics and gymnasium. The standard dance pole is Steel or Brass section that can be comfortably gripped with one hand. The movements in Pole Dancing help improve the Upper Body strength and the proficiency does take time to develop. It helps burn calories, Tone your abs and legs, define your arms and shoulders, make your body more flexible and moreover Teaches you to Dance which can be an enjoyable pastime and relaxing.

My Unfulfilled Wishlist for year 2009 includes (2008 was pretty successful)
Nose piercing, getting a Tattoo done and learning Dance

Friday, November 27, 2009

365 days schedule

It was a year back that I posted this one. The people around me are still the same but a lot have happened in the past 365 days.

Our friend is celebrating his b'day today; but none of us are around to give him an early morning surprise. Nisha, Latesha, Parvathy & Lakshmi have all parted ways and moved ahead with their lives.

Everyone in the Country remembered and paid homage to the victims of the Terror Attack that happened last year.

Life went on, Faces remained in thoughts
One got away, A few reached back from past.
New ones stepped In and Out.
Days passed; Dwellings changed
Travel progressed
Spirits raised
Resilience and Buoyant

Life went on, Faces remained
The One who got away Stayed
And Thankful at heart I Settled.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freezing Misery

It’s freezing in here...

Oops.. no .. I am not writing this from some place in Canada; I am still in Kerala and the weather outside is just the right combination of cold and heat, because of the rains.

If the weather is so fine then why am I freezing this way!! The villain is the Air Conditioner in our office; the one that is located right above my head. Its been blowing so much of cool air that all the paper in my desk keeps flying. My fingers are frozen and don’t budge to move fast with the keys (keyboard) anymore. And, Yes, there's no way anyone can do anything about this situation around me, mostly because everyone else seems to be fine with the low temperature and then the A/C service guys have warned the Admin against making any changes to the existing temperature set up.

As for me, the only way to survive today is by covering myself with the duppatta. Empathetic friends :-) have inserted papers into the panel above to reduce the air blow.

There was just one question in everyone's eyes - How am I going to survive in Dubai if I cannot handle A/C temperature

I know I'll have a tough time when I land in Dubai and managing with Air Condition inside the house is among the majors. It's always been difficult for me to handle extreme cold (my extreme might be a normal one for you :P) While travelling in buses & cars, I prefer the wind from open windows than switching on the A/C. And on a rainy morning, my head hurts with the effort to breathe in some oxygen from the cool air outside. The short time that I was in Dubai, I used to switch off the A/C as soon as R leaves for work and I On them only just before he gets back home. If I have to spend a night in an A/C room, its nothing less than a nightmare. I'll have cover myself with 3-4 blankets to warm myself, enough to get a good sleep. I'll freeze (literally) otherwise :P

Hmmm.... Can you empathize with my situation? Is there a way out of this, so that I can master it before I land the All Air-Conditioned Dubai City.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vasudeva Vilasam Ayurvedic Center

A good ayurvedic massage can be very rejuvinating and refreshing and the right place for this is very near in here, Trivandrum - Vasudeva Vilasam Ayurvedic Center

The massage treatments given here, the oil and the medication can relax all the tough nerves in your body. In case you pass through Trivandrum, Kerala; do book for a Rejuvination Therapy :P

* Good news - A good oil massage for one hour would cost just Rs.600 ;-)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sibling Silly's

My Mom's Sad!!! Cos her immediate sister has not been talking to her for a long time now and she got to know from another (big) sister of her's that her son's wedding is going to take place soon. Why mom is sad is because she knows that there will be no invitation for her.

They are 5 sisters and 1 brother at her part of family and 5 brothers and 2 sisters on my dad's side. A few among them share very close relationship with each other while some others maintain a safe distance. At times its difficult to understand how there is no attachment between these people who have grown under one roof. And its not that they have always been this way. My parents can never get bored narrating the good old times they have had with their siblings. Their small little fights, concern for each other, how they all used to help out each other in household and later as they grew up how each of them supported the other - mentally, physically and financially. But somewhere down the line, as the family tree expanded, the links they shared, with each other, broke. A chillness  creeped into their hearts as days passed by, just like the Snow Queen who's got the frozen heart. With so many of them in a house, they fought for silly things as kids, but still the issues were easily solved or rather, easily forgotten over a candy during those days. Now, as grown ups they somehow manage to fight for more silly reasons and worse is that they are never able to resolve any of them. Nothing is forgotten anymore - every word, every reaction, every smile carries a different meaning which is perceived at the other one's convenience. It looks like they dont want to resolve anything anymore. They want to fight and everyone wants to win.

Do they remember those good old days when they had dreaded the word marriage, for they would have to leave their siblings behind and move over to a new place, I wonder! Do they remember the times, they had hugged each other and shared the same bed. Do they not want to peek in there and for once go back and be the old sis or bro? What has happened to those small little girls and boys who played together.. cried together...  who had planned to share a lifetime relationship... what has happened to them?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"All You Need is Love"

What Beatles song are you?
Take the quiz and find out

And my result:

You Are "All You Need is Love"

You are compassionate, kind, and giving. You truly believe that love can heal the world.

In some ways, you are a bit of hippie. You think that peace is still very undervalued in this world.

You feel like people make life too complex. Happiness is often as simple as just allowing yourself to be happy.

There isn't much people really need in this life. If you're truly loved, then you're lucky.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Carrots & Cards of Value

It's the time in HP (Hewlett Packard) that shaped my outlook with regard to career and work environment. The different nationalities that we had to interact with automatically brought in a constant need for improvement and vast exposure. Days passed and I moved out of to a new workplace and the first thing to strike me was how can people still manage to work at such slow pace. I found it very difficult, initially, to digest the fact that no one is trying to make any changes to the routine work they do; nobody is thinking about any improvement that they can bring in, to make their days filled with excitement and Change. 

In HP we used to give away Value cards to the fellow associates, for helping us out in any way. It was a way of telling them that their effort is appreciated and very much valued. And when I moved onto the new work place, this was one suggestion that we made to the management in order to facilitate team building. Today, after 2 years of my tenure here, I finally sent out Carats to my colleagues to let them know that I appreciate their efforts in supporting my profile. Am not sure about the excitement this would build in among the people here, around me. But I still do remember the days in HP when we used to feel so great while giving away or receiving those cards. When we appreciated someone, we felt great for being able to do that; for letting them know that what they do is nothing small. And the person receiving those cards had always been in the limelight. 

I guess, these are few things that tie you to the strangers around, in a work place. These kind of R&R's always bring in a feeling of empathy among colleagues, rather than the usual bossing around or seclusion. Even though every profile carry the threat for some amount of criticism, such thoughtful ideas motivate people to look for good work to appreciate. And that ofcourse would help remove the hostility out there in any office.

* you can see the value cards pinned onto the board, behind us

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Years Back they said "I Do"  .... And for the Coming Years, they said again "I Do, still" !!

Movie Thought - The Notebook

"I am no one special, just a common man with common thoughts. There are no monuments dedicated to me, and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect, I've succeeded as gloriously as anyone who ever lived. I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and for me, that has always been enough."

"It was an improbable romance. He was a country boy. She was from the city. She had the world at her feet, while he didn't have two dimes to rub together."

"Summer romances end for all kinds of reasons. But when all is said and done, they have one thing in common: They are shooting stars-a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, they're gone."

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Trouble with Colors

When your Boss send you an excel sheet with so many colors in it, it just means trouble...
Trouble with numbers... trouble with financials...

All in all - One Big Trouble waiting to be Solved!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reading - A Bend in The Road

A story of New Beginnings!!!

Miles and Sarah find love in each other as they try to mend their broken hearts. Sarah's parents and Jonah are thrilled with this new union. Even the townsfolk can't help but notice the happiness. It is possible to love again.
Then their relationship is suddenly threatened by a devastating secret.

I felt the entire plot and the conclusion is a little too much apparent. A good one-time read though.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

“Wet with the showers of the mountains, they embrace the rock for want of a shelter.” - Bible Quote

* My post for Wordless Wednesday, this week

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Salutation to Flaws too !!!

I was travelling back to Trivandrum from my home town (Kochi) in a KSRTC when my joojoo stepped into the bus. It was somewhere close to Kollam and I was sitting in the front seat of the bus, just behind the driver and so did not notice him moving forward from the back door.

Only when that man reached my seat did I realise the dire situation I was in. He asked me to show my bus tickets and ‘lol’ I did not have them. Somewhere during the 4 hour journey, the tickets had flown off from my hand. I had never imagined coming face to face with a Ticket Checker and so I was least bothered about keeping them safe.

Now it wouldn’t be really fair to hold me onto to that, coz in all the years that I have travelled around Kerala, a Checker has never been the person to run into. And that should be the reason, I guess, I dint have a clue on how to handle the situation. He kept asking me to check for the tickets in the bag (yeah…. he repeated that statement 6 times) and I kept trying to tell him with words and gestures that its all flown away, out through the window.

Our conversations interrupted the otherwise drowsy crowd and I am sure atleast a few of them would have thought that I got caught for not taking the tickets and made a little conversation within themselves, with a chuckle down their throat. Meanwhile I framed an innocent smile on my face and never cocked my eyes to look at the faces around me. :D For sometime I had completely related to the proverb - Cat who’s shut her eyes while stealing the cream!!!

Anyways, after checking my bag pockets for the 6th time, it became clear to our Checker that my tickets have indeed flown off. He reminded me of the penalty of the crime (for few minutes, that’s exactly how I looked like – a Criminal) - Rs. 500/- & tickets to be purchased once again. It was then that I used that bait – innocence and repentance. I had to convince him that this will not be repeated and that I would forever here onwards take extra care and retain the tickets for examination, while in bus. The look on my face along with the words should have melted him I guess, for he left me without charge.

While getting down the bus, for the first time, I felt great gratitude to those leaders out there for having found ways to dodge Rules and Laws they have voted for. If this had happened in any other country, am sure I would have had to abide by Rules and pay the penalty :P

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How should it be - Wide Open or Half - Shut?

"Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half-shut afterwards." - Benjamin Franklin

Extra Marital Relationships - a phrase that has gained lot of light in the recent past. Is there anything that you can judge about it? Is it right or Is it wrong???

I myself had sometime back written about my take on how it is absolutely fine to move ahead or rather, out of a relationship, if you feel at any point that it is injustice to cling on anymore. At times it really surprises me to know that there are a lot of women/men out there who are ready to carry on with the pain in their hearts, knowing well that even though they might end up sharing the bed they no longer share the heart of the better other half. The word Divorce is dreaded for the commotion it creates in the family. And at times the only reason for the wedlock to continue is sheer ignorance - ignorance that the other half is sharing an other relationship also.

I don’t want to look at the morality of this concept here, as there are many whom I have come across,  keeping it up with this quarter-game in life. And worst is that many a times the reason they give appear to be completely valid.

* When am completely in love with my other half, why should it be a wrong thing for me to take some time for myself and share a little time with someone who match with my thoughts.

* Am taking care of my better half and kid.. I do everything for them and share all that I have with my family around. Then what reason do they have to tell me I shouldn’t indulge in something that kind of relaxes me? When am with 'her' I don’t have to worry about the bills I have to pay or the contracts I have to close. I talk about my dreams and she cares about it. Then why not???

* Loneliness - simple.

* The need to feel needed by someone... to know that out there is that one person who would like to see you the next day.

The only conclusion I could manage is that it is loneliness that force people to side-line the vows. And at times, they could be so doomed that even while sharing a fulfilling meal with the whole family around, they still feel completely alone. Thoughts sometimes don’t match and dreams don’t harmonize well around that table.

Marriage as they say will either make you a philospher or a complete, happy person. Its always easier to hop, ignoring the fact that you could be let down any moment. But then, why is it so difficult to try and put some of what they call as "effort" and nourish the relationship that you are bound to share this lifetime. Why not talk, teach, learn and improve. I know its easier said than done specially 'cos of the 3 letter word we all share in common - - EGO.

After having read so many of Mills&Boons', I guess, its just normal for me to think, hope and beleive in beautiful marriages; to look at the brighter side of it.

Though not quite sure about how to conclude this topic that I brought up, I would surely like to get a few insights from you on this.

* What in your opinion is the best nourishment for a relationship?
* What do you think is the reason for anyone to go astray?
* Have you ever come across a situation when you felt - that the reason is... oopss a valid one, ofcourse.

Wordless Wednesday

Even God cannot undo the Past!!! We are just Human....

My Post for Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reading - Thanks for the Memories

Recently I got to read  "Thanks for the Memories" and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. On the cover page I noticed that the same author had written "PS, I Love You" The name sounded familiar but I had never got a chance to watch the movie.

The other day, while staying over at a friends place we chose this movie from her collections. And, Oh I just loved the movie and I watched it twice. ( I do that for all the movies I love ;) )

So I would recommend it to all those who enjoy nice, soft english movies, this is a must watch.

And for the book Thanks for Memories, its was a nice read, ofcourse. I would say that she's got a completely different style in her story telling.

Also I watched The Ugly Truth recently and this one's speciality is that this is the 1st movie me and my other half watched for the first time in a theatre. ;-) We laughed together, held hands and looked at each other. The movie was a great one. Another must watch to make the evening a nice one.

PS. Gerard Butler is real smart as you can see ;-) Dont miss it!!! :P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

You are being watched over

How many times in life have you felt sure that "HE's watching over you"??

As for me its uncountable and the ones I am most greatful to him are all when I have escaped just at the right second from death/inability. Gratitude is really a great feeling I suppose. It makes us feel humble inside for a while; makes us feel blessed. For me, it gives the confidence that nothing wrong will happen ever as long as HE's watching over me.

;-)   Howabout You?

Boys are Boys...

Now , I have this friend of mine who plays Cricket and very soon there are chances that he'll play for KPL (Karnataka ..... League)

:P the dots out there means that I know absolutely nothing about Cricket and truly at times I really wonder how people can sit for hours and watch this game. And the most intriguing part for me is why the &#*@! do they take so much time to throw that ball...???

ha.. okie.. no offense to all those cricket lovers out there. Now this friend of mine keep updating me about his tournaments and though most of the things are way beyond my understanding of the game, most of the times I end up cheering up for one reason that he's all excited out there with his performance.

And when he got to know that am in Dubai one thing he asked me to get from there was Cricket Shoes. He found out some showroom that sell all sports goods and since the place was just a walk away from our home, me and R went out to get them. The catch here is that we got those shoes for him for AED 99 when it costs close to INR 6000 (AED 500) in India. I couriered his shoes to Bangalore and looking at them he's all excited and is just waiting to show them off in the ground.

At times I really feel that these men never grow up. They just have to get their hands on some sports or electronic stuffs and you can see them back in their high school days.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Away ... Far Away I went

I felt reeally great when a few of them checked out if I was doing fine and why am not posting any new blogs. Thanks a lot for checking out on me ;-)

Hmmm ... so it’s been more than 2 months since I became silent and am sure a lot of you would be anxious to know what really happened.

I was busy planning and executing that long awaited dream of travelling all 3000 miles from Cochin to Dubai .. of running into the arms of my better half. ;-)

I guess its all about what they call as “The Right Time”. At times it is so very difficult to work out the simplest of the things, but once the Right Time sets in, everything will fall into place and its all done before you even realize it. That is exactly what happened with me this time. We had tried to work out so many different plans in the past but everything in vain and this time, every part was done in an effortless, unhindered flow.

And thus….. Sandya gets a Resident Visa to land in the city of Dubai and finally there is a stamping in her Passport.

(I don’t want to include allll the details in this one post. So let me take time and post my experiences one by one)

As for stay out there, I had a whole lot of First time experiences.
For the
1st time I travelled in an Airplane

1st time I went out of Country

1st time in 5 years, me and my other half watched a movie in a Theatre

1st time I tried a Japanese Delicacy - Sushi ( It was a disaster and I could'nt manage the 2nd bite :D )

1st time I saw the Live Band playing Music

1st time I saw Vending Machines give away water bottles (never got to see this in Cochin or Trivandrum) :P

1st time I relished the combination of ripe Strawberries dipped in Chocolate {thanks to Nancy for mentioning about it } ;-)

1st time I ever saw so many people of different nationalities around me :O

There are a lot more of first time’s but then you shouldn’t end up thinking am naïve and so let it be Secret :P

On the whole It was a wonderful trip I had, except for the initial adjustment problems with heat, humidity and price (I ended up converting everything to INR) :D

There's more.. just give me a few days to catch up ;-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quote A Day

'One reason God created time was so that there would be a place to bury the failures of the past.”

Get past the past! Shun out the pangs and cries of past, the disappointments and hurt feelings, the rejection and sadness.

Love really does have that capacity, to make you forget the sadness and highlight the brighter side alone, of every sunset. It makes you believe that every dark night is only the beginning of yet another brighter morning. It makes you realise that the little shadow of pain is only to reckon a lot more happiness into all our lives.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Time Pass

What am I engaged in nowadays??? ;)

This first one dint come out in the right shape and so ended up adorning by room mate (that tiny hat u see.. )

And then I got the swing of it and the 2nd one did make it to a square shape

And this is how it looks like on Day 2 :-)

Oh yeah.. You'll have to wait for few more days to get the final look :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mood Swings

Sometimes it's that vague memory of an early morning dream ....Or may be that final look in the mirror.... At times it's just the climate around....

The reason for the tinge of sadness that creep into our hearts can be endless and yet completely unknown. And many a times this unknown sadness can pull out the old forgotten sad moments from the past and also bring in an anguish about those waiting ahead, on the way forward.

It can hurt inside and that hurt can at times really hurt our morale too, right?

Most of us do have a very well developed brain and so we can think, use logic, analyse situations and evaluate them. But surely we cannot associate any logic in that so called "No Mood" feel, that we sometimes get into. The walk in through these No Mood feelings are one on the chute and there are chances that we'll slip and fall back.

How can we avoid or rather come out of such "No Mood" 's

1. Talk about the best things that's happened to you.
2. Think about the most romantic/embarassing moment (any happy moment that can make you smile is fine.. i guess)
3. Take a walk.. Breathe in some of that fresh air
4. Tell yourself "Its all fine"... Isnt it?
5. Ask yourself.. Are u unhappy? (If its No - then move forward; If Its Yes - then work out on the problem)

Wat say? End of it all dont you think this 'No Mood' doesnt have much logic at all. How can anyone have absolutely No Mood. That's not possible right!!

So... What's your Mood today? Or you too have the same illusion like me - "No Mood"???

Monday, July 6, 2009

Radha Evide - Dance show by Gopika Varma

Last evening, we had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Elite group in Trivandrum. The audience included Maharaja of Travancore, who lighted the lamp and inaugrated the function, members of the Royal Family, poets like ONV Kurup & Sugatha Kumari and people from Film industry like Karthika, M. Jayachandran, Arundhathi etc etc etc...

Sugathakumari teacher gave the inaugural speech, finely elaborating on her poem Radha Evidey (Where is Radha – Lord Krishna’s beloved) and I should say, Gopika Varma did succeed in bringing out the depth of the theme through her Natyam

The storyline begins with the description of Mathura, once Krishna leaves from there and Radha in her state of deep grief walks along her path to Himalayas. In there, Lord Siva, understanding her grief readies to bless her with Moksha. But Radha prefer the unending circle of Life and Death for only her life and heart to continue as the abode of her Love for Lord Krishna. And thus her spirit shatters into various pieces and takes new lives – the Life of Meera in Rajasthan, Aandal in Tamilnadu and Kurooramma in Kerala.

The emotion of Love and Devotion continue to remain in the heart of every Women

There was this one portion where she actually managed to draw a peacock with her footsteps, on the floor and the screen display and the music was so very beautiful that the audience almost got into a trance.

All in all, it was a blissful experience to watch the entire performance.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Love Unlimited

They say
"A successful marriage requires falling in Love many times, Always with the same Person"
Can we? Lets see...
"We only regard those unions as real examples of Love and real Marriages in which a fixed and unalterable decision has been taken. If men or women contemplate an escape, they do not collect all their powers for the task. In none of the serious and important tasks of life do we arrange such a "Getaway." We cannot Love and be Limited."
I hope I Love Unlimited .. atleast try to.... :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A'Round Places - Bangalore

Visit to Bangalore - 25th to 28th June'09

Itinerary --> Vishwesharaya Museum -- Vidhan Soudha -- Hardrock Cafe, MG Road --ISKON Temple -- Lunch @ Nandini -- Paani Puri & Pizza @ Malleswaram 8th Cross (you get pizza for Rs.15 there) -- Corner House (Death By Chocolate) -- Shopping @ Commercial Street & Brigade Road.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Collection of Romance

One conversation lead to another and the question lingered in all our minds

"What according to you is the most romantic gesture? "

A: Okie.. tell me what is the most romantic thing according to you?
B : Hmmm.. “Cuddling up

A: That’s it?
B: (eyes all wide and a 90 mm smile pasted on her face)
You see, Its something like cuddling up together for a whole day or something like that. I would say Romance is something that should be part of your everyday life and not a one time gesture. So I prefer to ‘touch’ base – something like casually holding hands, touching shoulders while moving around in the house, cuddling up together for a movie. It kind of gears you up for the rest of the day.
A: Cuddling up for a whole day? That would be difficult
B: (laughs) Okie I can compromise; every half an hour would do the magic

B: Hey guys, I have a question
(All eyebrows raise)
B: What is the most romantic gesture according to you?
BA: Opening up your arms to invite your love; A huge Hug to give that secured feeling
B: hmmm..

C: You mean in private or public (haha)
Hmmm.. (that’s pretty long time he’s taking :P)
Looking into each other’s eyes!

D: A Smile
B: ??
D: A Sweet Smile, looking at you, at the end of day
B: cool.. that can be really sweeett

E: hmmmm.. Kissing each other?
(Okie now don’t look me for answers, I thought I asked the Q)
EA: Holding her at the shoulder when her hair is all wet
(now that’s ROMANCE)

F: Hug tightly and caress them at the ear
(oooh... no further comments on that one)
FA: Look in to the eyes with love

G: A big huge Hug.
Okie 1 more - A Candle lit dinner with Champagne and Soft Music
Howabout thaatt??

H: hmmm difficult
A Smile with love filled Eyes… that will be the most romantic gesture for me

(Back to the start)

A: A nice evening at the beach; walking behind her, placing my feet on top of her footmarks

I’d like to hear more ideas, specially your’s if you’d share them.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bore-in(g) Blog

After a pretty long gap I got to talk to an age old friend recently and one thing he asked me to do was to write a Boring Blog. He had seen all the updates I made in FB about the 1 year completion and had called up to speak to me on an impulse, I guess. Anyways, he called up and just how it happen nowadays, for friends daring to speak to me , he ended up listening to all my worries as I poured out. We ended up having a very long conversation though I would rather say a long monologue since after the initial 15 minutes my speech was limited to a ‘Yes’, ‘Yeah’, “Okie”, ‘I’ll do’ and all that

It was a pleasant conversation (somehow he does manage that with his 'gyan') and he spoke about the sessions he’s taken on how to remain motivated, appreciate the self, having GT’s Good Time) and by the end of the call he was getting ready to be my PIP not considering his old age (…am sure he wouldn't sneak in to read this and so only boldly mentioning about his age else would I ever dare do it? :P… by the way its 'Partner In Pranks')

He talked for long about how to make every single day beautiful in simple ways. Later on when I thought about them, I felt they were things that wouldn’t take any special effort from us but yet the outcome could be very positive and encouraging.

*Don’t forget to pat yourself and tell “Hey that was a nice job that you did”

Ofcourse there are few times when we do appreciate ourselves but we don’t do it that frequently and specially not every day. At least I don’t do it and so when he told me about this I found it quite strange.

But then, on an afterthought the question that came up was 'Why shouldn't I do it often?' I can always tell myself after the regular walk that “Hey Sandya that was a cool thing to do today, Great my dear!” and feel nice about myself for a second. I can take that moment to feel good inside once done with my tasks at work. We can always take time to appreciate ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to do it for us. And another advantage of practicing to appreciate oneself would be that we wouldn’t forget to appreciate the efforts of others, the ones around us. And ofcourse this is one thing that every organization is looking for in a good team and this is exactly the best way to improve today’s deteriorating family bondage. What do you say?

* Take time to unwind during weekends

“Not in a boring city like this” - the first thought that crossed my mind then and was quite embarrassed to know that he was not mentioning about roaming in Malls and wailing away time doing window shopping. Things he suggested were quite simple like staying lazy at home trying out a different hairstyle, watching some cartoons or a funny movie that can make you laugh out loud, Calling up the close people and talking to them, laughing out at the GOT’s (Good Old Times) Since my weekends usually ends up with a fat book and some snacks in hand, I found his suggestions exciting.

The ideas that he gave me doesn’t need that mountain of effort but somewhere with the passage of time most of us a few of us have got into that “Boring Days” mode. There’s many a time when we wonder how we can kill time instead of enjoying the time that we have. We get into hobbies so that there is something that we can do quite monotonously and in a few weeks we actually forget to enjoy that process too. I feel it is just an extension to this, when we start looking for that ‘something’ to do add spice into our present – the present where job’s become boring, days are monotonous, conversations are depressing and emotions tumbling.

Boredom is a sure thing to cross paths with those single women over 25 and married ones staying alone. As for the guys they pretty much find their own getaways with the boozing sessions and long rides, I hope. And among the married people, staying together as family, they might never stop to take that time and look around in order to realize if there’s any boredom. The only possibility for them could be that they feel life’s become a little too monotonous [from where I sit Grass is surely Greener on the Other Side ;-) ]

So are you bored in life?
How about doing the same things that we do everyday, but for a change, take that second to appreciate ourselves for doing it and tell within that we did have a Good Time doing it?
Why don’t we try something crazy and have another GT?

Lets bore that boredom out of life :-) Wat say?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anniversary It Is!!

My Friends celebrated the 1st Anniversary of my Blog :D

A year of them having fun, teasing me with all the write ups :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do we realise it that often?

"- That Life indeed is a great event that's happening to us"

It’s going to be a year since I started amusing myself with all these blogging stuffs and there’s been times when the entire day was occupied sorting out the layouts, reading thoughts of other people, prying into the comment section to know how does all the others out there react to it etc etc etc….

And one thing that I noticed in this time span is that mostly all those people who are good writers, who have nice blogs, are those who bring up valuable thoughts from the little things that happen around them. The topic they bring out is something sensible and touching most of the times. And that is something to be thought about when life is so busy and people just don't find enough time to stick around or still down a second to see what exactly is happening at their own backyards. I sometimes really wonder, how it is so easy for them (the good writers) to bring out an age old memory of their childhood or beautiful thoughts and viewpoints to certain situations. Has to have that writer’s intuit I guess, to be able to contemplate and write pages on small things around like a beautiful butterfly, flowers and little incidents that most people forget and ignore in their daily life.

It is this positive excitement which most of the blogs impart, that I like about this whole stuff. Reading those inspiring thoughts, many a times have made a good start for my day and have persuaded me to believe in heart that Life as it is, is really beautiful and precious; but if only we can give in the time to stay still for a while and really look at all that is happening around us. Thoughts like this are easier said than done and surely I would rank the highest when it comes to lack of awareness and memory. But still, during this time span that I have stayed in here, I did put in some real good effort to improvise those skills of mine. Going forward, its only going to get better, I sincerely hope :-) So that there would soon be that day when I'll be able to write beautiful logic on a simple incident and may be get approx. a 50 sweet comments from other bloggers. Is it that big a desire that cannot be fulfilled? I hope and wish that its not.. :-) :P

Its beautiful when the skies turn dark

A walk in the evening is always refreshing and nowadays am just too eager to get out of my room and on to the road. Passing by those unknown faces staring at you, sometimes do send a chill through my spine. Mostly all of them would be people leaving eagerly to get back to their loved ones at home. As for me, staring hard at the setting sun and feeling that cold wind blow away the drops of sweat makes those walks a nice getaway. All the more, it gives me that time to be on my own, in my own world and thoughts.

And then there's many a time when I topple over a stone, slither on the smooth ground caused by the rain and walk along blindly ahead, just to know where I reach in the end.

And that makes me wonder - Isn't the journey of our life also laid out in a similar manner? We can have a destination or a goal in mind and walk along trying out the different paths available, to reach there. We also have certain situations where we know surely the road to be taken but is unknown of the destination that it would take us to. And then we take that path and keep moving forward until we know what exactly is there, at the end of it.

The important thing I guess, is that on a retrospect, which ever option we take, all of it has to be a gratifying journey - Either we would have reached our desired destination or We would have known where exactly the Path is leading to. And all the more significant is, to enjoy the journey itself, isn't it? The cool breeze, the heat, sweat, feel of those obliging muscles....

A long time before, I was associated with an organisation that talked a lot about Walking Meditation. And being there I have both heard and witnessed a lot of miracles that a simple walk can do to your mind and also the things around. A sincere touch can bring back life to the dried grass beneath. A deep breath can make you feel inside, the same energy that is there around you, outside. Its been a long time now and I regret that I have lost the connecting loop to all those simple experiences. And that makes me wonder how much does it take to be simple - within and all around.

Quite a lot I guess... Simplicity isn't something that comes as simple as that. What do you say?


* Check out this post to see those beautiful expressions of the Sky above.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feel as if the only Hope to Light is denied
As though the Sand beneath is being washed away
Feel as though the Time has arrived
To take leave from the glowing daylight, the burning Sun
And painful yet is when the Chance is denied
To stand beside the Moon,
Glowing bright and warm, at that hour of darkness

And oh why all this ?
Just that her heart is now Blind to Love.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Quote A Day

"When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it"

Obstacles to Dreams mean you are Close to Achieving

I found this article while browsing through and I guess it helps a lot for the present. :-) And hence thought it shud come in here.. under my archives

"Are there times when it almost seems like you are finally going to reach your goal, but then something shows up in the way and puts it out of reach once again or makes you feel that you are never going to get it?

The truth is you are never closer to your dreams than when you are facing a big obstacle that threatens to push you further away than ever before. The reason why that obstacle shows up is because you are just about to grasp what you really want at last.

Just when you thought that the way is finally open for you, just when you thought you are finally getting your breakthrough. Then what you experience next causes you to be disappointed once again. Because the results that got is far less than what you expected. Or things might even appear worse in some ways than before. It can put you into such distress and frustration because you don’t know what else to do to make it work.

The reason why darkness appear, is to allow you to experience the light even more. You can’t feel like light when you are surrounded by light. The time you never felt more like light is when you are in the midst of darkness. Opposites make each other. Light and darkness define each other. Success and failure define each other. You can never fully know something without knowing its opposite.

Whenever you create a dream, the universe will bring in opposing circumstances, not to deter you from achieving the dream, but to allow you to experience the fullness of that dream."

There's many a times when I fear

"Are you afraid of Death" that's what she asked and as always the immediate answer that crossed my mind was " not" But she continued her talk and as I listened to her I lost the conviction in my answer. She continued...

"There are people who agrees with you when you ask them if they are scared of Death and there are many who seems to have no fear when their hair loses it color. But more than the death of physical body, we are trying to concentrate here on the psychological death which can happen every moment for a person. The fear of losing a friend can be compared to fear of death - of a relationship. The fear of falling behind in your work is very similar to the fear of death - of an impression. And likewise it goes on and most people experience this fear of death in every moment of their life. Now do you accept that you are not afraid of death? It is something that most of the people feel about a ten times in every day of their life. All fear eventually boils down to the fear of dissolution, the fear of death and its cause is the existence of Self. It is the fear of losing something that I Own. Enlightenment is the only process where the Self dies and Fear loses its foot ground

The first step towards realisation is to know where you are, what your fears are about. Bhagavan says "You can only start from where you are and not from where you want to be" So get inside yourselves and understand what you are like, your fears and your feelings"

And that's exactly when I related to what she was talking about. I am afraid... I do have the fear of death - of relationships, of future, of hope.. of love. How do we come out of it am not sure. Though the same subject will be discussed in further episodes of the programme I wouldn't be able to watch them, but I do hope that a little contemplation on the topic would help me understand it and pick it up from there.

And to support my efforts these words would always ring in my ears

"Change is Eternal in life. And its only because of Change that Love is possible in our lives. Situations, people and feelings Change and that is the only reason why we should be able to Love every situation and Live in the present. Once this is past it would be gone forever and you wouldn't get a chance to enjoy them again!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Farewell's 'dont' Fare Well Enough Most Times...

Parting time - Farewells... they can always cast that gloomy spell around for a few days, I guess...

She's leaving today... leaving to get on with a new journey in life.

Okie... I know I need not make it all so very dramatic! Nisha's leaving her job and this town, for good and so from now on, I wouldn't have that double-head support on all those Palakkad slang's and dishes and etc etc... The day went on normal as any other and I guess the absence of something is what we come to realise later; when the day actually rises out with the person being completely absent around. (okie... now that is something that I have really got used to ...)

A farewell mail, a group lunch and quite a lot of those 'round the desk - along with coffee' conversations filled up the office hours, today. And yeah.. of course some of those last minute KT's too :D (cant ever be done with them, i guess)

And yeah... I got all hitched up when she mentioned about having a nice time with me around. hahahha... not very sure though as to what exactly she's learnt from me and which attitude of mine she's gonna carry ahead :D :P ;-)

And there... it happened.. as always, I remembered those days... my previous work places, the people who had always inspired me around (and yeah they all still do), the people who I had been thankful to be with, sharing those moments. Its always a great feeling for me when I can recollect about the past days of life, the people that I have crossed paths with, for whom I am always.. mostly always.. thankful for.

I don't think ever a person has moved away without having given a light touch inside my heart. And over here I am remembering that friend who always talked so much about people "ENRICHING" each other in LIFE. ( :D okie.. I admit I do miss getting into those endless conversations)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Badly need this...

Baby, I know you're hurting
Right now you feel like you could never
Love again
Now all I ask is for a chance
To prove that I love you

I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die than live without you
I'll give you all of me
Honey, that's no lie........

Its my BirthDay Today!!

Its my BirthDay Today!!

A year went by...

With days so Full and Live

And there, an other one came in

Filled with hopes and a Life Anew! :-)

(Card and chocolates from my friends )

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never Thought it'd happen Again
Never Expected the feelings to spring once Again
Never Knew I’d be given another Chance

For Love and Life to Enhance!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A'Round Places

Trip to Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) - It was a visit to the tip of Kerala - tip of country India and tip of the Continent Asia :P

2nd May 2009 Itinerary --> Padmanabhapuram Palace -- Sucheendram Temple -- Wax Museum -- Kerala House, Kanyakumari Beach, Temple, Vivekananda Rock and Statue of Thiruvalluvar.


5 weeks is a pretty long time but there's no other go and so am gonna be away from Blogging...

Its a little difficult to do all the keying in of my wild thoughts with just 5 fingers. Am on a vacation period for the next 4 weeks.... (not on the whole but just for the left hand) cos....

... this's what happens when you try to miss 7-8 steps off the stairs... ;-)

For those who's concerned... :-) am absolutely fine and getting better every day ;-)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hmmmm... and so like that.. am moving out tomorrow from the place that I had occupied for the past 1 year and 9 months. Hope the new place will bring in beautiful memories and better things in life ;-)

Reading - A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Nice Read on the whole, showcasing the lifetime and transformation of a Girl to a Woman and finally a Mother.

Her dreams and whims of life shatters when Mariam gets to see a glimpse of her father at the mansion's window. When the reality dawns in, she finds herself in a new town with no known ones around. The days of love and care ends for her when she fails to bear children and from then on its all about the pain and agony at both the physical and mental plane.

On the other side, there is Laila whose childhood ends when her parents die in that bomb blast and when Rasheed gives her refuge in his house, it is only an expected outcome that she would end up marrying him to retain the roof over her. But hope lingers in her life from the day she gets to know that she's bearing the child of her loved one, within her.

And this is the part which I loved reading the most - where her hopes are raised high and with time and days she shares them with Mariam, bringing in light into her lifetime too.

The story ends in that typical all goes well with everyone way (exactly what I like to hear :P) Though I want to put in here a bit of those final details of the story, am stopping myself so that the pleasure of the suspense and ending is not taken away from you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reading - From Sanyas to Marriage

I came across this story while browsing through .Thought of putting it in here as it raised an eyebrow :-)

A gentleman wanting to renounce the world took to Sanyas after the loss of his wife. He donated all his possessions to various charities and settled himself in a hut built by himself away from the city, keeping with him one trusted shishya and the started meditation.

He discarded wearing cloths but for a Kaupeenam i.e. loin cloth. He wore one and washed the other himself and left it to dry on the rocks for next day’s use. But after some time he found the Kaupeenam missing. He got one more and carried on. But after few days even the new one was missing. He asked his shisya to keep a watch on how a worthless object like Kaupeenam could be missing every other day.

The sishya found out it was the handiwork of a mouse which was dragging and dropping it in the valley next to the ashram. He suggested that they should keep a cat to prevent the rat coming. The Swami gave him some money to get a cat from the town. After that the menace of the mouse ceased but their problem increased.The Shisya had to go to the far off town and get milk for the cat. As much of his time was wasted in getting milk and feeding the cat, he suggested to the Guru that they should have a cow at home.

At the same time, some body from the town presented him a cow as ‘Go-Daan' (giving the cow free) to the Swamiji which he gladly accepted. The owner told him “Swamiji! The cow is pregnant and we should have an attendant to take care of it. I shall send one of my servants.” Swami gratefully accepted the offer. Soon after, the cow delivered a calf, and the milk was sufficient only for the calf. So they got one more cow. To look after all these animals and attend to the cooking and serving the growing number of mouths, they had to maintain a maidservant. She was irregular in attendance and needed constant supervision.

The Shisya finally told his Guru “Swamiji, the only way to circumvent all these problems is for you to get married. Your wife will take care of all of us." The Sanyasi finally had to become a family man, got married and settled down.

He told to himself “To get away from the family I became a Sanyasi. Just for protecting the Kaupeena, I have now renounced Sanyas and become a married man.

“Kaupeena samrakshanartham ayam patatopah"

One should not allow one's concentration to get disturbed and one's determination dissipated by listening to others' advice. Something worth thinking about I guess! :-)
It’s been quite sometime…

What to write in here, I have no idea about,
And trying to find that ‘bout,
I wandered in through here, the past few days.

Life is on its way…

Blooming and fading out is each day,
Mind is trying to find that path,
While heart is trying to restore faith!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Round the Corner & Over the Walls

The way back from office would usually be a long walk inside the campus to that other end. Its nice to watch those people, along the way, getting on to their vehicles eager to reach back home; people roaming around in the campus taking a break after that long busy day.

And at this part of the year when all the trees around (mainly konna) are fully bloomed in, there is that yellow glow all around and the reddish gleam of the sunset adds upto the beauty of the evening.

The cashew fruit plants in the campus and on the way, are all bowed down unable to bear the weight of their yield for the year – the green, yellow and red combination is giving them a majestic look.

The mango trees are full of the younger green ones and the way they are sprouting up, all together in bunches, would look as though there is never enough space up there on the top.

Looking at the time around, I remembered my early school days. There was this farm nearby which was full of cashew trees and during summer, on the way back from school it was a routine to throw out some stones to get down a few ripe yellow fruits. My cousin, though smaller than me but with the strength of a man, was my companion in all those ventures. Later, on reaching home, we used to cut the cashew fruits each into 4 pieces and put them in salt water to remove the sourness. Obviously he used to give me a lesser share since his’ used to be that better throws, always!! :S

And yet another fruit that we used to sneak around for, were Cherries... and I used to love those not so ripe ones – green and the yellowish ones. There was this small tree in our neighbourhood and if not all red and ripe ones, there would be a few of those green ones atleast on it, always. I guess the other children around never knew the taste of the fruit, and me and my cousin would be the only ones peeping up the wall to see if anyone’s around, before plucking them all (ofcourse, the owner of the tree never knew of our little stealing :D)

As for mangoes, guava, sappotta and jack fruit, we had enough and more of those in our own backyards and so we never had to jump a wall or sneak around for them :P

Remember mulberries?? Hehehe.. we never used to wait for the fruits to ripen (it would be black then) and so by the time they turn from green to red, we would gobble them all. And as though the tree in our yard just doesn’t bear enough, we used to roam around plucking them over the walls of other houses in the neighbourhood.. (ohh what fun it used to be to jump around the walls.. :D I miss them)

And then there are those white and red Jambu’s (our own champakka)

Hmmm.. now I know why I am not much interested in Apples and Oranges. Having known the taste of all these fruits plucked from the tree and eaten right away; who can ever favourite the artificially injected fruits of today? :P hahaha