Friday, October 23, 2009

Trouble with Colors

When your Boss send you an excel sheet with so many colors in it, it just means trouble...
Trouble with numbers... trouble with financials...

All in all - One Big Trouble waiting to be Solved!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reading - A Bend in The Road

A story of New Beginnings!!!

Miles and Sarah find love in each other as they try to mend their broken hearts. Sarah's parents and Jonah are thrilled with this new union. Even the townsfolk can't help but notice the happiness. It is possible to love again.
Then their relationship is suddenly threatened by a devastating secret.

I felt the entire plot and the conclusion is a little too much apparent. A good one-time read though.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

“Wet with the showers of the mountains, they embrace the rock for want of a shelter.” - Bible Quote

* My post for Wordless Wednesday, this week

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Salutation to Flaws too !!!

I was travelling back to Trivandrum from my home town (Kochi) in a KSRTC when my joojoo stepped into the bus. It was somewhere close to Kollam and I was sitting in the front seat of the bus, just behind the driver and so did not notice him moving forward from the back door.

Only when that man reached my seat did I realise the dire situation I was in. He asked me to show my bus tickets and ‘lol’ I did not have them. Somewhere during the 4 hour journey, the tickets had flown off from my hand. I had never imagined coming face to face with a Ticket Checker and so I was least bothered about keeping them safe.

Now it wouldn’t be really fair to hold me onto to that, coz in all the years that I have travelled around Kerala, a Checker has never been the person to run into. And that should be the reason, I guess, I dint have a clue on how to handle the situation. He kept asking me to check for the tickets in the bag (yeah…. he repeated that statement 6 times) and I kept trying to tell him with words and gestures that its all flown away, out through the window.

Our conversations interrupted the otherwise drowsy crowd and I am sure atleast a few of them would have thought that I got caught for not taking the tickets and made a little conversation within themselves, with a chuckle down their throat. Meanwhile I framed an innocent smile on my face and never cocked my eyes to look at the faces around me. :D For sometime I had completely related to the proverb - Cat who’s shut her eyes while stealing the cream!!!

Anyways, after checking my bag pockets for the 6th time, it became clear to our Checker that my tickets have indeed flown off. He reminded me of the penalty of the crime (for few minutes, that’s exactly how I looked like – a Criminal) - Rs. 500/- & tickets to be purchased once again. It was then that I used that bait – innocence and repentance. I had to convince him that this will not be repeated and that I would forever here onwards take extra care and retain the tickets for examination, while in bus. The look on my face along with the words should have melted him I guess, for he left me without charge.

While getting down the bus, for the first time, I felt great gratitude to those leaders out there for having found ways to dodge Rules and Laws they have voted for. If this had happened in any other country, am sure I would have had to abide by Rules and pay the penalty :P

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How should it be - Wide Open or Half - Shut?

"Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half-shut afterwards." - Benjamin Franklin

Extra Marital Relationships - a phrase that has gained lot of light in the recent past. Is there anything that you can judge about it? Is it right or Is it wrong???

I myself had sometime back written about my take on how it is absolutely fine to move ahead or rather, out of a relationship, if you feel at any point that it is injustice to cling on anymore. At times it really surprises me to know that there are a lot of women/men out there who are ready to carry on with the pain in their hearts, knowing well that even though they might end up sharing the bed they no longer share the heart of the better other half. The word Divorce is dreaded for the commotion it creates in the family. And at times the only reason for the wedlock to continue is sheer ignorance - ignorance that the other half is sharing an other relationship also.

I don’t want to look at the morality of this concept here, as there are many whom I have come across,  keeping it up with this quarter-game in life. And worst is that many a times the reason they give appear to be completely valid.

* When am completely in love with my other half, why should it be a wrong thing for me to take some time for myself and share a little time with someone who match with my thoughts.

* Am taking care of my better half and kid.. I do everything for them and share all that I have with my family around. Then what reason do they have to tell me I shouldn’t indulge in something that kind of relaxes me? When am with 'her' I don’t have to worry about the bills I have to pay or the contracts I have to close. I talk about my dreams and she cares about it. Then why not???

* Loneliness - simple.

* The need to feel needed by someone... to know that out there is that one person who would like to see you the next day.

The only conclusion I could manage is that it is loneliness that force people to side-line the vows. And at times, they could be so doomed that even while sharing a fulfilling meal with the whole family around, they still feel completely alone. Thoughts sometimes don’t match and dreams don’t harmonize well around that table.

Marriage as they say will either make you a philospher or a complete, happy person. Its always easier to hop, ignoring the fact that you could be let down any moment. But then, why is it so difficult to try and put some of what they call as "effort" and nourish the relationship that you are bound to share this lifetime. Why not talk, teach, learn and improve. I know its easier said than done specially 'cos of the 3 letter word we all share in common - - EGO.

After having read so many of Mills&Boons', I guess, its just normal for me to think, hope and beleive in beautiful marriages; to look at the brighter side of it.

Though not quite sure about how to conclude this topic that I brought up, I would surely like to get a few insights from you on this.

* What in your opinion is the best nourishment for a relationship?
* What do you think is the reason for anyone to go astray?
* Have you ever come across a situation when you felt - that the reason is... oopss a valid one, ofcourse.

Wordless Wednesday

Even God cannot undo the Past!!! We are just Human....

My Post for Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reading - Thanks for the Memories

Recently I got to read  "Thanks for the Memories" and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. On the cover page I noticed that the same author had written "PS, I Love You" The name sounded familiar but I had never got a chance to watch the movie.

The other day, while staying over at a friends place we chose this movie from her collections. And, Oh I just loved the movie and I watched it twice. ( I do that for all the movies I love ;) )

So I would recommend it to all those who enjoy nice, soft english movies, this is a must watch.

And for the book Thanks for Memories, its was a nice read, ofcourse. I would say that she's got a completely different style in her story telling.

Also I watched The Ugly Truth recently and this one's speciality is that this is the 1st movie me and my other half watched for the first time in a theatre. ;-) We laughed together, held hands and looked at each other. The movie was a great one. Another must watch to make the evening a nice one.

PS. Gerard Butler is real smart as you can see ;-) Dont miss it!!! :P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

You are being watched over

How many times in life have you felt sure that "HE's watching over you"??

As for me its uncountable and the ones I am most greatful to him are all when I have escaped just at the right second from death/inability. Gratitude is really a great feeling I suppose. It makes us feel humble inside for a while; makes us feel blessed. For me, it gives the confidence that nothing wrong will happen ever as long as HE's watching over me.

;-)   Howabout You?

Boys are Boys...

Now , I have this friend of mine who plays Cricket and very soon there are chances that he'll play for KPL (Karnataka ..... League)

:P the dots out there means that I know absolutely nothing about Cricket and truly at times I really wonder how people can sit for hours and watch this game. And the most intriguing part for me is why the &#*@! do they take so much time to throw that ball...???

ha.. okie.. no offense to all those cricket lovers out there. Now this friend of mine keep updating me about his tournaments and though most of the things are way beyond my understanding of the game, most of the times I end up cheering up for one reason that he's all excited out there with his performance.

And when he got to know that am in Dubai one thing he asked me to get from there was Cricket Shoes. He found out some showroom that sell all sports goods and since the place was just a walk away from our home, me and R went out to get them. The catch here is that we got those shoes for him for AED 99 when it costs close to INR 6000 (AED 500) in India. I couriered his shoes to Bangalore and looking at them he's all excited and is just waiting to show them off in the ground.

At times I really feel that these men never grow up. They just have to get their hands on some sports or electronic stuffs and you can see them back in their high school days.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Away ... Far Away I went

I felt reeally great when a few of them checked out if I was doing fine and why am not posting any new blogs. Thanks a lot for checking out on me ;-)

Hmmm ... so it’s been more than 2 months since I became silent and am sure a lot of you would be anxious to know what really happened.

I was busy planning and executing that long awaited dream of travelling all 3000 miles from Cochin to Dubai .. of running into the arms of my better half. ;-)

I guess its all about what they call as “The Right Time”. At times it is so very difficult to work out the simplest of the things, but once the Right Time sets in, everything will fall into place and its all done before you even realize it. That is exactly what happened with me this time. We had tried to work out so many different plans in the past but everything in vain and this time, every part was done in an effortless, unhindered flow.

And thus….. Sandya gets a Resident Visa to land in the city of Dubai and finally there is a stamping in her Passport.

(I don’t want to include allll the details in this one post. So let me take time and post my experiences one by one)

As for stay out there, I had a whole lot of First time experiences.
For the
1st time I travelled in an Airplane

1st time I went out of Country

1st time in 5 years, me and my other half watched a movie in a Theatre

1st time I tried a Japanese Delicacy - Sushi ( It was a disaster and I could'nt manage the 2nd bite :D )

1st time I saw the Live Band playing Music

1st time I saw Vending Machines give away water bottles (never got to see this in Cochin or Trivandrum) :P

1st time I relished the combination of ripe Strawberries dipped in Chocolate {thanks to Nancy for mentioning about it } ;-)

1st time I ever saw so many people of different nationalities around me :O

There are a lot more of first time’s but then you shouldn’t end up thinking am naïve and so let it be Secret :P

On the whole It was a wonderful trip I had, except for the initial adjustment problems with heat, humidity and price (I ended up converting everything to INR) :D

There's more.. just give me a few days to catch up ;-)