Monday, December 29, 2008

For the First time in a Long time..

For the first time in a Long time.. (dialogue from the movie 'Shall We Dance')

--> It felt nice to spend time at home without having to think of rushing back the next day to work place.

--> It felt nice to spend sometime with relatives, to see those niece and nephew of mine all grown up.

--> It felt nice to cook a simple meal and have a fine, complete dinner all together

And with all these nice feelings, I want to quote a few lines that came across in the same movie mentioned above.

"Why do people get married?
Cos, there are so many people out there in this world that nothing you do matters to anyone else. But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things... all of it, all of the time, every day. You are promising your partner that "Your life will not go unnoticed, coz I will notice it and I, shall be the Witness for your Life"

Very romantic line, of course. And I guess, that's what every person is looking out for - for that one person, who'll hold your hands and make you walk through your path, in this lifetime.

I had been to see my aunt who's affected by Cancer, yesterday and one thing that she mentioned to all of us or rather, to all the people who went to meet her was that, at this stage when she's looking back, she specifically wants to thank her parents and my uncle's parents, as, if not for them, she wouldn't have got my uncle in her life. At this juncture of her life, she was very proud of her partner . It really moistened our eyes and heart to listen to her talking lovingly about her husband; giving him the honor of being almost equivalent to the God himself. And this made me remember the words of my PG Aunt in B'lore.

"Have you seen those old couples holding hands and walking around? That's the most beautiful thing that can happen in anyone's life - to still be able to hold hands with your partner at the age of 60+ . Cos, there would be so much that you have gone through by then in life, that, if you are still able to hold on to each other, then that's real love. That's where Love actually begins, in its true sense."

As a new year is beginning, I want to hold hands with all of my people around. I want to keep that love around all so lively, that there's no more room for any kind of pain.

And thus I wish.... for the first time in a very long long time..... :-)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It still isn't thaaat bad

"Believing in our hearts that, who we are is enough, is the key to a more satisfying and balanced life."

This would count to one of those best practices for life and right now, when am feeling all down and grey since all are going back home to their "beloved ones" (this is the important part.. not that they are going back home) for this vacation time, this quote comes to me with its consoling arms around. The one good thing about quotes is that you can interpret them in any way You feel comfortable with and we just need not bother what the first impression on it was all about..

So right now.. Sandya is gonna go ahead and put it into her brains that its all fine and everything is absolutely fine.. whatever and however it is. Just that she needs to keep smiling and give one big huge hug on her own.. hehehe.. :D ;-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pour out.. its still humane!

"Someone to tell it to, is one of the fundamental needs of human beings. "

Surely we all have this intense need to talk it out to someone and until then, somehow it all shows up on our face and all around us. It could be a happy, blissful thing that happened or a saddening, upsetting incident. But we have to talk it out and then a happy event suddenly multiplies the joyful feeling and a saddening incident looks far less grim. Its natural and a very ordinary feeling! Not only that, but most of the times, we also end up finding out answers to some of our own questions when we talk it out. We end up getting a better view of the situation which lightens up the whole event.

It must surely take a lot to do the listening part; I guess, it calls for a lot of patience and a less flow of own thoughts interfering. Ofcourse, that should be one reason we all admire those few listeners in our individual lives, as we are aware of the effort that goes behind it.

A big.. huge.. hands up for those few listeners of my life! :-)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Time...

Its Christmas time ... the end of a whole round of an year paving way to another 365 days of life and living!!

This year, this time, has been completely different from all those days of this season that I have had before. We went up to my friend's place to decorate the Christmas Tree and what more..? there were gifts for all of us from the Santa Claus (though it was our sweet, gr8 Menna ... the Santa, who put it all there to surprise us)

(Christmas tree with the gifts from Santa - Menna)

tat's all of us :-)

It was beautiful to see her doing it all with so much of enthusiasm and fun. Gifts for all her friends and family, sending out those Christmas cards to all her dear ones (as of now, living in different parts of the world!!!) She even baked 14 cakes so that she can send them to all her friends out there who loves her delicacies.

(Menna's cake all set for delivery)

And while am writing this blog, I happened to get this forward mail where it tells about
"People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.
Then people come into your life for a SEASON. Because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They bring you an experience of peace, or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it! It is real! "

And I guess, this friend of ours is gonna last for a Season, to teach us to connect back to all those values and traditions of Celebrations and Festivals, in life. Looking at her we are learning once again to celebrate those small things in life, in a big way adding up to the memories of a lifetime.

(And that's her.. forever.. lovingly ours... Menna)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Congratulations on my 50th Blog - to ME, from Me :-)

This is supposed to be my 50th blog - a milestone to remember. As I told once, I have this one wish to write a book sometime in my life and may be this is the 1st stepping stone in that process. I would surely not underrate this writing of about 30-35 posts, on my own and so kudos!!! to myself for that :-)

(at times, once in a while, its okie to praise yourself and to feel gr8 about something you did... that wouldnt count to boasting.. isn't it... hehehe)

They say that Experiences is what makes a Person Perfect and my Guru used to tell me that, only a person who's undergone the suffering can and only will be able to relate to another man's pain. He used to tell that its the experiences in your life that teaches you about the vulnerability of a lifetime and the peace of eternity. As for me, my Dreams still remain the same, as it was 5 years back, though, the path I knew once so clearly is no more certain. But the human in me still continue to dream, dream of that one day when life is blissful and love is the only known feeling, for me and all others around.

Many of them might not agree much with me but still, I would always stand upto say that Women is a very powerful creation of God. I beleive that women do have the capacity to design and live a life that they want to, and not only the earthly beings, even the heavenly ones, cannot pose an obstacle for this. I dont know how many of us beleive, feel or rather, atleast know that we, women, are the abode of all love, spirituality and knowledge. May be because people tend to mistake women's patience as her fragility, her strength and fearlessness as self-indulgence or immorality, her knowledge and power as stubborness. I wouldn't say women never make mistakes, but what makes them a better being is the learning that happens naturally for every one of them, after those experiences. They evolve from their mistakes thereby gaining in more strength and vision on life. After all is that not the purpose for living a lifetime? To evolve as greater human beings so that once we leave this mortal body its easier to merge in with that eternal one. (Many of you might not agree with me. Please note that this is MY personal opinion and no offense to anyone :) )

During this short span, I have come across a variety of people and among them the ones I keenly observe is another women, obviously. There were girls (yes.. girls!!) who managed to understand the higher truths at a very earlier stage of their lives. They, even today, somehow manage to keep their connecting links alive, gaining more knowledge, patience and walking their way to that eternal love. The same time there have been a few of those who never knew what it was all about and they survived on the crumbs and morsels left behind. They never managed to have anything on their own, not even a thought and at those times I did try my best to empathise with these alike. But again, as my Guru would comfirm, it was only when I walked that path once did I realise the amount of the pain in which they actually lived in. And then, I wrote in stoned letters inside my heart "Life's experiences are it's best teachers"

Again, there were those few who left their flowery trails when crossed path with mine. Those are the times when you learn, you try to imitate and implement their philosophies in your own life and then take that one step ahead in the forward go. Still were some of those women/girls who just passed by, for I beleive that there might not have been any connectiing destiny with me rather than a casual meeting.

They say that for a women, she's taken care of by her father in her childhood, by her husband in her adolescence and her son in old age. Many people have interpreted this message to tell that women needs to be supported all her life. But through my eyes, when I look at this message, I feel that they just intended to convey that for a Women, she inherits her father's legacy in her childhood, her husband's heritage in adolescence and in her old age she passes on the combined inheritance to her sons. Who else is better capable to perform this task of passing on the culture and traditions to another generation??

I am not sure how many of you will come across this posting of mine. But whoever you are, the only message I want to convey is dont ever underestimate the women of your life. She's been born with Spirituality, is capable of actually Living a Thought and can Pass this power onto the Generations coming forth. "Respect Women and your Sufferings shall End" is the great saying. Practice it so that there will be those seeds of heaven sown on earth too...

If you are a guy --> * Share your dreams with your mother or wife for they have the ability to turn these Dreams into Reality.

If you are a girl --> * Wake up.. Get connected.. HE shared his powers with you, for You were the chosen one for HIS mission.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My preference - Answers!

-- Inspiration quote for the day and it did make me pause and think

"A major stimulant to creative thinking is focused questions. There is something about a well-worded question that often penetrates to the heart of the matter and triggers new ideas and insights."

Certain questions really need to be well-worded for getting the answers, else there's this big chance that they get evaded by the listener.

Don't you agree to this? Have you not had such a situation when your questions remained unanswered, just because the other side completely ignored it and dint bother to find the importance you felt beneath it? I have had many.. Some are beautiful (for it illumine the love and concern beneath) and some are irritating (for I hate it when I don't get answers on those questions :O ) and some just give a blank feeling (sorry, but I don't care about your say on that, whatever it is and the q was just out of courtesy)

Sometimes... Planning's the Last thing I wanna do!

Last night when the phone beeped with a message, it was only to reiterate that our plans have failed, finally. After trying out a variety of unsuccessful ways for getting this gift for one of our friend's b'day, I resorted to my husband and requested to send it through one of his friends who's travelling this side. And guess what, the message was to tell that this friend also couldn't manage to get this gr8 gift which we so badly wanted to gift with :-(

It must be the Taurean traits that makes me depressed when Plans go wrong. Planning, without that there is not another step that I take and many a times it does irritate the people around me as I sometimes end up doing it in a very extensive way :D

But I just cannot help it and I always need a complete full proof plan along with a back up plan, if in case the first doesn't work out (sorry but without that I just cant get sleep)

And last night was one of those sleepless nights .. as one major plan flopped out even though all of us tried so hard. But thanks to "S" for he did have this another great idea for the b'day surprise!

Right now there are only 2 things in my mind.
1. the major one - I want to go right back into sleep, now!!!
2. I hope we Surprise this friend on his b'day

(Sad thing is both the action items are pending since, right now, am in office and supposed to spend the next 9 hours not sleeping, but working. And we have a 34 hour wait for the b'day)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Fruity Buddy"

Protiens.. Vitamins.. Minerals... Carbohydrates.. Fat... !!!!!

If not for my friend, I would never have known the difference between all these things for all that I learned in the Science text books is long forgotten. But again, I would rather say I was forced to re-learn all this cos this "L" is a Diet Freak (oops .. sorry.. but yeah You are!!!)

During weekends she starts off for a walk and 'lol'... she gets back with apples, oranges, grapes etc.. etc.. the list goes on. And what more?? Every morning when am busy getting ready to office, she'll be happily sitting with her apples and grapes, enjoying them. All that is fine and I have no issues with her love for fruits. The tragic part is when she forces me to eat them. Imagine... !!! Apples and oranges and grapes.. Early in the morning... Oooh!!!!

Okie, I know its very healthy but sorry I am just not that type. I would rather prefer a creamy chocolatty pastry, but not apples and grapes as first thing in the morning.
But again, she leaves me no other choice and so I am forced to go on a healthy way, for now :-(

Handsome doctors, please forgive me.. Its not me. My buddy is just not leaving me a choice!

{** 3 more and I'll make it to 50 blogs.. countdown begins!!!}

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"That was just a TOT"

As you can see I have changed my blog spot background and all the fonts and colors. :-D

And then there was this one more thing that I had to change. I come to the Edit Layout page and poofff...!!! (scratching my brains...) Just can't remember what I wanted to do... why did I come here?? What did I think about, just a fraction of a second back... oops.. I cant remember.. !!!

Have you ever faced such things??? You go to the store and then suddenly you remember that you have to take this one thing too and you get walking to that section and poof.. u blink at the things around you trying to recollect what you wanted to take.. :D it happens to me many a times and this is what I found in the net


Memory Disorder ....... While not a disorder, a common temporary failure of word retrieval from memory is the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon.....

The tip of the tongue (TOT or Tot) phenomenon is an instance of knowing something that cannot immediately be recalled. TOT is an experience with memory recollection involving difficulty retrieving a well-known word or familiar name. When experiencing TOT, people feel that the blocked word is on the verge of being recovered. Despite failure in finding the word, people have the feeling that the blocked word is figuratively "on the tip of the tongue." Inaccessibility and the sense of imminence are two key features of an operational definition of TOT's


So what about you??? Suffering from TOT's??? ;-)

Even Heavens can Smile and be Sad...

She was standing out there, looking out into the deep sea... Moon had made a sad face along with Jupiter and Venus, but still managed to shine all bright. And the moon light split up the ocean beneath, with its rather zigzag reflection. Felt as though, was looking at the dim line between sanity and insanity, which kept reducing. End of it all, the markings faded and what remained was a blissful night, the sound of waves, cool breeze and the drops of lights from far away fishing boats.

May be that's how it feels like in the END - absolutely nothing to mark any of the differences but just the Joy keeps glittering !

Something related to the pics.
December 1st, 2008 – Venus, Jupiter and Moon formed a "smiley face". The two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, closed together in the evening sky, with Venus lying about 2 degrees to the South (left) of Jupiter. On the same night the Crescent Moon appeared just beneath them, forming a Smiley Face. And on the next day the Moon moved further up making a Sad Face out there. And what more? We wouldn't see such kind for another 44 years!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Worth of Rs.500/-

My friend shared this video with me and I guess its worth watching.

Its very touching when the boy tells that, with Rs.500/- he'll buy groceries for one month. I end up spending that much on one dinner and there's this boy who can buy one month's stuff for his entire family with the same amount. Isn't it worth a thought?

And as I told in the previous post, there are people who spend 3000 dhms on a dance bar also. I never knew entertainment can cost this much. No wonder that Naxalite's still exist!

Too much for a weekend fun...

Hmmm.. nothing much to write and may be another of what they all call as blogger's block. Too much of blogging's happened in the past month and may be that's another reason for the brain to pause and stop. There was this one
post that caught my eye where he's mentioning about the times when there was nothing else happening other than blogging, all the time. But again, the obsession's change and then mind gets connected with something else, something new (just agreeing with his statement) :D

I think its all in the Air since most of them, around me, seem to be depressed and feeling bad and frustrated and irritated.. and what not!!

Right now, am missing my husband (Rajesh) and thinking of when I'll join him so that I can get into all the household stuff and keep myself engaged all the time. Till that happens, nothing's making me excited enough and all the more, am giving a lot of trouble to my roommate trying to plan for her wedding (actually she and her guy has not yet started with any of those and so cant blame her when she's all wild with my plans, right till the honeymoon)

Rajesh was telling me about his colleagues endeavours for weekend. This 'G' went out with his room mates to a dance bar on thursday nite (by the way its national holiday in Dubai today and so we got sometime 4 a chat) and then there's this one girl whom his friend likes a lot, so much so that with all the booze inside his stomach he paid her off 3000 dhms. Can you believe????? That's Rs.35000/- with all the inflation and Rupee down-time. And to add more, later in the night he gets up in between sleep and release himself off right on the carpeted floor, thinking its toilet... hahahaha.. pavam 'G'.. he had to take in all the stink around. Finally, he had to roll out the carpet and dispose it all off, and all this in the middle of the night when our great man is back to sleep not knowing about the mess he just made. What a terrible plight for our 'G'!!

I hope I don't ever have to face a situation like this with a completely drunken one. Sorry, but I really don't think am of any good in handling such ones. So my dear husband, you better be under control (i know .. i know... you don't get drunk... ever!! and Thank God for that!!) And as for myself, am not going to go more than 2-3. That's decided for now!!! :-)